vassa metal roofing


Canadian owned and operating in Ontario, we have been operating since 1998. Our metal roofing company has had the time and experience to be able to develop our craft to execute professionally the quality standard we have today. That is why Vassa Metal Roofing believes that we shouldn’t be providing roofing material that is any lower quality than what we would use ourselves. As such, we are able to provide, install and sell GERARD Metal Roofing products that are unrivalled as a Canadian distributor. Whether it is tiles, shakes or shingles, GERARD metal roofing technology will prove to be the best product with the longest warranty on the market. Our company knows that providing metal roofing over asphalt and other roofing materials would be a far superior roofing system than anything else in Canada.

Our rust-free, recyclable metal roofing is guaranteed to also be free from moss, mildew and fungus that would start to appear generally when asphalt, wood or clay roofing start to deteriorate. Upgrading to metal roofing is a big investment so our company makes sure our customers are not only informed but educated on their decision about the purchase of our product, and how our experts are going to be installing it. This is why Vassa Metal Roofing’s owner & operator, Tony Kavai, has been present at every site throughout the process so customers can rest assured the job is always up to standard. Our company provides both metal roofing and steel roofing for any purpose, whether it is a residential or commercial application.

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