residential metal roofing

Residential Metal Roofing

Whether it’s installing a new metal roof or replacing an existing one, Vassa Metal Roofing has a solution. Our Oshawa area experts have you covered! Our customers will have the flexibility to not only choose from the color, but also the texture and any unique roofing profiles that we can provide. We are constantly evolving as a company so we feel it is important that we also keep adding new colors and designs to allow customers more choices of aesthetics when selecting their residential metal roofing. Regardless of whether you are looking for tile roofing, steel roofing or metal shake roofing, we will help find a solution for you that will not only be affordable but will be done right the first time.

Vassa Metal Roofing not only values a high-quality residential metal roofing installation, but we also are conscious about your safety not only inside your home but also outside. We will provide service that is not only professional, but will be done courteously and neatly. Our employees will treat your home and property with the utmost respect. For more information, please browse our site for previous residential projects we have completed or call/email Tony Kavai for your free metal roofing estimate/quote with the form we have provided.